4 Video Poker Strategies that Work

There is really no best video poker betting strategy as you learn on the game and improve your skills over time. However, these tricks will help you get started and better at your poker game.

Play Maximum Coins

To fully take advantage of a royal flush, which is typically 800-for-1, you want to play maximum coins to get a full hand. Anything less will not work to your advantage. This perfect video poker strategy has been used over time and it proves to be the king all the time.

Know the Game you’re Playing

When you know your game clearly, you will know its strategy and will be great at it over time. This strategy for video poker ensures you know the steps to take when you are playing deuces wild and dealt any hand. Take 4♠ 4♥ 6♣ 6♦ 7♠, for instance. Do you hold both pairs or just one? Either decision is correct, but it depends on the game you are playing. If it is the first, then hold a pair – any pair. For the second one, hold both.

Practice Before Playing

You will only get better at video poker or any other game by practicing. Before starting to play for real money, out all your energies into practice and you will reap handsomely. It could take some time, effort, and patience, but you will eventually get good enough to play against seasoned players. It will be worth it. A good way to practice could be to play against non-human players on practice mode. However, even beating non-human poker players can be a difficult task.

Be Wise

The best video poker strategy is probably the most underrated… Know when to walk away from the table. If you have been losing all night and think you could overturn the evening’s events, then you may end up losing everything, including what you had no intentions of losing. Here is also when you probably realize you could have a gambling problem.