Online gambling is for everyone

Throughout the years, technology has quickly developed and has reached an unbelievable level. This is also the reason why online casinos have appeared. A great man came up with a great idea and has decided to take popular games among gamblers and put them all together on an online platform. In order to have some fun on online casinos, you only need 3 ingredients: a smart device, a good internet connection and a comfortable place.

It’s right around the corner

The greatest thing about online gambling is, well, as you might have guessed, the fact that it all happens online. This means that you have the luxury to enjoy playing your favourite games at any time, in any place. Imagine sitting on top of your bed, in your most comfortable outfit, eating your favourite meals, drinking your favourite cocktails and spinning some reels. What could be a better combo? Also, think about the fact that you no longer have to drive miles to reach a land based casino.

Online Casino Bonuses

There is more! You get a bonus for every single move you make: when you make your first deposit, when you register, in between spins etc.

Also, when playing for free, you can transform your winnings into real money.

These are the main 2 reasons for choosing online casinos over a land based one. Transform your passion for gambling into a money making hobby. Best of luck!

Texas Hold´em may become your favourite poker game

Texas Hold’em (known as Hold’em) became the most popular poker game in the world, both in live casinos and online. It is a game easy to learn, and has the potential to be apparently played with an unlimited strategies and tactics. Texas Hold’em Poker is a casino card game, played by up to nine players. In each round, each player is dealt two cards out of a common deck — and they have to keep them. There’s no exchanging cards or drawing new ones in Texas Hold’em.

Simple rules

With Texas Hold’em, each player receives two cards, known as hole cards, which owns. Five common cards are placed face up to form “the table”. All the players can use these five cards, together with their own two cards to make the best five-card poker hand possible. In Hold’em, a player can use any combination of the seven cards available to get the best five card hand using none, one or two of his own cards.

After the initial deal of two cards apiece, there’s a round of betting. Then, three cards from the deck are “flopped” onto the table — these are communal cards that everyone uses. There’s another round of betting, then a fourth card goes onto the table. Then more betting, then a fifth card. Finally, there’s one last bet before everyone turns up their original two cards — and the player who’s achieved the best combination of five cards (using some combination of their original two and the five on the table) wins the pot of cash.


Other elements you have to know

Texas Hold’em isn’t a standard casino game, because it’s a poker game. That means that it’s often played in a separate poker room, and not on the main casino floor. Still, it’s a poker game about betting and winning.

In Texas Hold’em, you’re playing against other players, and you just pay a little rake to the house.

A small hint! If you play Texas Hold’em, you have to know that is a lot of strategy. For example if you hold a pair of sixes, but there’s a king and a queen out on the board, then you know that someone’s gotta have a better pair than you. It’s pretty easy to guess at what other players might have.

How many types of poker hands exist?

Poker is a popular game, but this popularity depends of many factors as the nature of the opponent’s play, or the pot odds. But, the most important factor is the type of hand the player is dealt.

Therefore, it’s convenient to classify poker hand into four types: lock hands, strong hands, marginal hands and weak hands, each having different strategies of playing.

1. Lock hands in poker

The lock hands in poker is a hand that cannot be beaten. You’re almost the winner. In poker game, a “lock” occurs when you hold the absolute nuts and can not be beaten in a hand. It’s important to note that a “lock” occurs when there is 0% chance of you losing the hand. Besides being used to describe a poker hands, the term “locked” is also used to describe an open seat in a poker game which is unavailable, because it has been reserved by the dealer or floorman for a specific player.

2. Who has the strong hands?

Playing strong hand means you have potential of becoming the winner of the game. For example, a dealt ace and king is a strong hand before the flop is opened. If you consider your hand, a strong one, you need to play aggressively and force players out before the community cards are opened. 

3. Marginal hands, the difficult ones

In poker, the marginal hands are considered the most difficult to play. A starting pair of jacks is a marginal hand because there is a possibility of getting a full house or four of a kind but a remote one. You should enter with marginal hands only if the cost is low. The marginal hands don’t figure to win without improvement, but with the right improvement, they have lots of potential to become strong hands and win.

4. And the last ones, the weak hands

With little hope of winning, the weak hands should be avoided as much as possible. If you keep on betting on weak hands you will find yourself in a position where you have a strong hand but an insufficient bankroll.