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Tips on Getting to Know your Video Poker Opponent

When entering an online poker game, you have to be aware of your opponents! Being behind a screen makes it much harder, but not impossible. Here are some tips that might help you in characterizing your opponents.

Tips 1: The number of tables

Most poker rooms allow us to look for a player by name. If our opponent only plays a table or two, there are chances that he is an amateur. But if we find him playing at 10 tables (or, say, 3-4 fast-fold poker), then it’s just a regular grinder or a quality professional. If he chooses not to be able to look for the profile (which many rooms allow), then again there are chances that the opponent will be a decent regular. The “Search a Player” option does not give us spectacular hints every time, but it’s an important point to check when we sit down at the table and know nothing about opponents.

Tips 2: Posting the blind without position when entering an online poker game

Regulars do not pay any cent. When they come to the table, they wait well to reach the blinds to pay them. But the amateurs came in to play, have no patience and post the blind as soon as they entered the table to get into action as soon as possible.

It’s like paying your taxes twice voluntarily. No one who takes the game seriously will choose to do that. As soon as you see someone doing that, mark him as a good player to beat

Tips 3: Chats in chat

Online poker chat is often disturbing because it distracts us from playing and can even make us the target of uncivilized comments. However, it is not unnecessary to have it under our eyes, as it can sometimes provide us with valuable information. Most regulars will not write in chat because they have disabled it. Recreationalists will use it for socializing – either to talk differently or to complain about their misfortune or to apostrophe other players for their stupid play.

Keep in mind these tips, but always make sure you also trust your instincs. Sometimes, an action of your opponent can also be a bluff.

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How Does Timing Influence Online Poker

When entering an online video poker you have to take into consideration all the factor that might interfere with your game.

Timing Tells

One of the key factors in identifying them is time. Timing Tells. Reaction rate indices. The best rules will mask the reaction speed of the game by consuming as much time for thinking and making light and difficult decisions as for bluffs and value betting. But recreation will always use different time intervals of thinking, lower in hands where they do not have a harder and bigger decision at the hands where they have to decide something important.

Raising of Folding too Fast

For example, let’s think of a very fast call on the flop. When someone does this, it tells us that he never thought about raising or folding. This tells us that the opponent has a mediocre hand, like a weak pair or a draw. Based on this, we can apply more pressure on the subsequent streets to remove the opponent from the pot. We also have to take into consideration that he can bluff, so consider analysing more aspects.

Even if online poker keeps us away from our physical opponents, playing on the PC or tablet does not spare them to reveal some behaviuoral tendencies. These give us an idea of ​​the types of players and the power of their hands. Practice video poker and you’ll figure everything out yourself. Find the most suitable platform for you and use any information you have to win.


Tips for playing video poker online

It is very easy to play video poker online. However, even the best players will always search for the best video poker strategy. At the same time, we have prepared a few tips for both beginners and experienced players to follow.

At first, it is best for players to try to stick to the basic jacks-or-better type games for a while for some quick, regular wins. It’s good to remember that, in a classic video poker game, a pair of jacks or queens pays 5 coins. On the other hand, they pay nothing in a game with Wild Cards. Also, Jokers and Wild Cards may make things exciting in other Video Poker variants, but gamblers must hit those bigger hands to earn anything back.

What to do in the middle of a video poker game?

Players must also keep in mind to bet the maximum coins, because, with a low house edge (Jacks or Better has a house edge of around 0.46%), it pays to bet as much as possible. Players have a maximum of 5 coins to bet with. Therefore, players should go for this option in order to have a chance for the best payouts.

It is very important for players to know when and what to hold. To help them in future games, it’s good for players to memorize the best pay tables. However, before starting to play, they must look for the best possible paytables. This way, it will be easier for players to decide on what hands to go for. At the same time, they are advised to get their hands on strategy cards for each game they will play. By doing this, they will be able to tell the chances of hitting various hands after Holding. Players should be looking for the best possible hand to can hit after redrawing, so they must focus on hitting that.

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Amateurs or Regulars in Online Video Poker?

Many poker enthusiasts do not like to play online video poker because they seem a depersonalized version of the game where they cannot read their opponents directly. And they are right, on one hand. But, on the other hand there are many subtle tells in the online game and whoever notices them gains a strategic advantage. Most clues show us whether the opponent is a recreational or regular player. With this information received early in the game, we can make more effective decisions in the game against him. Here are the most relevant hints to consider about online poker opponents, when talking about betting.

The size of post-flop bets in video poker games

Regulars who know the game will rarely make disproportionate postflop bets, especially too small bets. They will bet more than half the pot or more. But amateurs do not understand the math of the game and I do not know how bad a little bet, for example. They will bet a bit, sometimes even a single post-flop blind – and this is a huge hint that you have to deal with a weak opponent.

Stack size and auto-rebuy

Another common feature in online poker is whether or not the opponent has the maximum possible stack at the table, and whether he has set his software to automatically rebuy him to 100 blinds (or the maximum allowed). Typically, regulars will buy the maximum coins and reload automatically. The reason is simple: they have the right bankroll for that stake, know they know the game and have the interest to have as much money in front as possible to maximize their potential winnings. Amateurs, on the other hand, do not usually have enough money for the stake they play and will load “as they have”. They will also reload manually when the stack will drop them down – not automatically after each hand.