The top 3 video poker games you should not overlook

Many people choose video poker over other games due to its low house edge and satisfactory prizes. If this is your game of choice, you need to know the different variants you can try. Though video poker games can be quite extensive, we will only discuss some of the most popular games. They include:

  • Deuces Wild

This involves a pack of 52 cards and has simplified gameplay. In this game, you have to decide the most valuable cards to hold on to and which ones you need to throw away. The strength of a hand determines if you win or lose the game. Unlike Jacks or Better, Deuces wild involves wild cards. It helps you form stronger hands since deuces can substitute other cards required for a hand.

  • Bonus Poker

Though this variant borrows some aspects from Jacks or better, it has minimal differences when it comes to its gameplay. Unlike Deuces wild, bonus poker does not involve the use of wild cards. Though this game has a high payout percentage, you should beware of its high volatility.

  • Double bonus poker

If you want an edge over the house, you need to choose this video poker game. Even though this game has a payback percentage of about 100%, you may not be able to find it in some sites. It, however, has impressive video poker odds.

Which video poker has best odds?

Unlike slot machines, video poker games come with a high level of transparency. Even though the developers of these games do not include flashing lights and stunning graphics, they focus on help players make profits. You can maximize your gameplay by choosing a variant with high odds. Jacks or better is known to offer some of the highest odds.


Play video poker NJ today!

Are you in New Jersey and are looking for the best form of entertainment? You should try gambling. Though there are different ways of gambling, casino games such as video poker can keep you entertained for long. NJ sites within Atlantic City offer some of the best video poker games. Since they offer low limits, gamblers on a budget can still place bets comfortably. Some of the sites that you can play video poker from in NJ include:

  • 888 casino
  • Virgin casino
  • Golden nugget

Why you should play video poker game for real money

Though some people do not like risking their cash on video poker games, playing for real money comes with a lot of benefits. This lets you enjoy a wider range of variations compared to the ones available on the fun mode. Online platforms also give real money players incentives that come in the form of promotions and bonuses. For instance, most of them offer welcome bonuses after signing up to a casino while others try to encourage players by giving them loyalty rewards. Real money wagering on video poker also comes with an increased sense of excitement. You get a chance to try out live dealer games which are more interactive.

Choose the right site for you to play the best video poker game 2019

If you go through most of the gambling reviews, you will find mixed views regarding different sites. While some people have a good experience with particular sites, others leave reviews to discourage players from choosing precise sites. The only way you can enjoy playing video poker online is by choosing the right site. Start by looking at the game variants a site offers then assess the fairness of the games. You should only play video poker from a site that has enhanced security and impressive offers.

regal poker

Learn how to play video poker for free or real money

If you have been considering playing video poker, now is an excellent time to start. Casinos that offer these games allow you to play for free or real money. Most of the video poker games that are found in brick and mortar sites are also available online. For you to enjoy your gambling experience, you need to choose a reputable site that offers high-quality video poker machines. Get familiar with the laws of the specific state you are in before you start gambling. Try to look for sites that work with software providers such as Rival Gaming and Realtime Gaming since they are known to offer diverse video poker variants.

The misconceptions surrounding video poker games

Have you been playing these games for a while? Then you must have heard a lot of rumors regarding it. Some people believe that video poker machines run cold or hot. They claim that a hot video poker game pays out more while a cold one has slim chances of paying. Gamblers who have such theories believe that luck runs in streaks. Though there is some extent of truth to this, you should know that luck represents short term variance. This is why players win in the short run while the house wins in the long run. It is, however, impossible to predict short term variance. Previous events cannot affect the future outcome of a video poker game. Such misconceptions are therefore not accurate. Instead of listening to hearsay, you should learn how to play video poker for you to boost your gaming skills.

How do video poker machines work?

Unlike in the past, video poker machines now make use of the random number generator. This software generates the original fives cards that you receive at the start of the game. You get the chance to decide whether you would like to hold on to the cards dealt or discard some. The results of this game remain random.

Here is a brief introduction to video poker

Why Video Poker is a special casino game

Since video poker was introduced in the 1970s, the game has gained a lot of popularity around the world. It is among the special games in gambling since it offers higher odds compared to other games. Video poker gives you the chance to influence the outcome. With the right skills, you can make a big difference in your game play. You also get to enjoy a low house edge and an opportunity to win a jackpot from playing best video poker. You can also play video poker on your own without the pressure from other players by choosing an online platform.

The best tips to win at video poker

Every gambler tries their best to beat the video poker machine. Though the house may have the upper hand, using the right strategy at the game can help you win. Video poker involves both skill and luck. Unlike most of the casino games, this allows you to play against the machine rather than other players. For you to win, you have to start with choosing the right paytable. This can help you find out the expected return on your investment before the game begins. Research can help you identify the best video poker games that feature good pay tables. You should also implement a slowdown strategy to avoid making rushed decisions.

Which video poker game should you start with?

The beauty of video poker NJ lies in its diversity. Casinos within the region offer different variants of this game that suit the styles of various players. As a beginner, you need to start with Jacks or better. Though this game may not have high returns compared to variants such as Deuces wild, it is fun to play and has a simple learning curve.