Online Video Poker 2020 Guide – Handy Hints & Tips

Have you been playing video poker but have problems with making consistent wins? You are not alone. This is a common problem that most video poker players face. You can, however, boost your gameplay by getting familiar with useful video poker tips. Implementing the right online video poker tips can help you beat the machine and boost your skills in the game. Here are some of the tips that you should pay attention to.

  • Understand the rules of each video poker variant

One of the things that attract a lot of players to this game is its simple learning curve. Though the game has different variations, all of them are based on the 5-card draw poker. It is, however, wrong to assume that every poker variant is played in the same way. Ensure you go through the rules of each variant so that you can make the right decisions.

  • Pick the right paytable

Most experts also recommend practical video poker tips, such as choosing a good paytable. You can check the expected return of a video poker game before you start playing. You should, therefore, do extensive research before you start playing so that you can identify good pay tables.

  • Play video poker from an online platform

The good thing with playing this game online is that you set your own pace and play without the pressure from other gamers. It is, therefore, more exciting than playing for brick and mortar sites due to a few distractions.

  • Be part of a player’s club

If you go through the top video poker tips available online, you will see some people discouraging fans from joining player’s clubs. Though player’s clubs have a negative side, they can help you earn some special bonuses that are only available to regular players.

  • Practice

We cannot finish our list of the best video poker tips without emphasizing on the importance of practicing.  You can only perfect your skills if you are willing to learn from strategy charts and cheat sheets. More knowledge in the game can translate to higher winning opportunities.

Top 5 Mobile Video Poker Games

Would you like to try out video poker from a better platform? While some people like the hype that land-based sites offer, others love playing games such as video poker in a peaceful and quiet environment. If you are the second kind of player, you can play video poker online. Technology has gone the extra mile to make the game accessible through mobile platforms. This makes it possible for people who travel a lot or value their privacy during gambling to play more conveniently. Mobile video poker games can, therefore, be accessed from different devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Most of the casinos do not request that you download any software for you to enjoy popular mobile video poker games. Players get the chance to play such games directly from the browser or through an app. You should expect to receive bonuses as you engage in mobile video poker game variations. Here are some of the best mobile video poker games you can try.

  • Jacks or better

This is an exciting video poker variation that allows you to play as much as ten hands simultaneously. For you to get a payout from this game, you should have a hand with a pair of queens, jacks, aces or kings.

  • Aces and Faces

Most of the mobile casinos offer at least two versions of this game. The gameplay is not very different from Jack’s or better.

  • Deuces wild

If you have not tried this game, then you are missing out since it is known to be the most exciting mobile video poker game variants available. It is different since the game has the possibility of replacing any of the cards by a deuce.

  • Bonus poker

Playing this game from your mobile device is quite fun since it provides generous payouts. You get the chance to play it for free as you learn the basic strategy before engaging in real money wagering.

  • Joker poker

This game gives you better opportunities to form a winning hand since here; the joker acts as a wild card. You can play such top mobile video poker games from your smartphone.

Here is a brief introduction to video poker

Video Poker Strategy Guide

Both online and brick and mortar casinos in New Jersey recognize video poker as one of the most suitable games to play. This is because it includes both skill and luck. Though luck may bring your short term wins, implementing the right skills can give you better results for long. Learning how to play video poker New Jersey using the right strategy is, therefore, crucial. Video poker gives you a level of control in your gameplay.

Video poker New Jersey variants are designed to use a random number generator, which determines the game’s outcome. The decisions that you make in a video poker game can affect the overall outcome. Every variation of video poker implements a unique strategy. Before you start playing online video poker new jersey, you need to look at the strategy chart available so that you can play the game wisely.

Some of the online websites even generate a perfect strategy for players depending on the variation and the paytable. Since strategies in legitimate video poker New Jersey games vary, we will give you a guide on the most popular games. Enjoy!

  • Jacks or better

This is considered as among the best video poker New Jersey games due to its high odds. For you to play this game well, you should confirm if you have been dealt with paying hands such as straight flush, 4 of a kind, or a royal flush. If you are lucky to have these hands, you should keep them and collect winnings.

  • Deuces wild

In this variant, if you obtain four deuces, you should not discard them. Hold on to 3 deuces since they can help you form a royal flush. If you get two deuces, you should also hold on to them as you look forward to getting a 4 of a kind.

  • Bonus poker

The strategy used in this top video poker New Jersey variant is not very different from what is used in Jacks or better. You should learn how to play this game since it has a high payout percentage. If you have a straight flush or a 4 of a kind, you should keep it.

What is a royal flush in video poker?

Since the arrival of video poker back in the 1970s, the game has continued to become better and is now recognized as one of the most popular gambling games today. This is because the game is known to have among the best odds in gambling. Unlike in other casino games, your skills can influence the outcome of online video poker.

People also choose video poker game due to its low house edge. Though you may have heard about the house having the upper hand in video poker, learning how to play this game well can help you beat the machine. The game may have different variants, but it is played using a 52 deck of cards. As a video poker casino game begins, you will be dealt with some cards. You should decide on which cards you would like to hold on to and which ones you wish to discard.

The highest-ranked card in most of the video poker variants is known as the royal flush. Every player that engages in video poker aims for the royal flush. It is considered to be the strongest hand in video poker. Though the royal flush has high payouts, it is very rare to obtain it since it is made up of cards J, K, A, ten, and Q of the same suit. A regular card deck has four suits of diamonds, hearts spades and clubs. Due to this, the game only has four royal flush combinations that can be dealt.

The odds of obtaining a royal flush are quite low. The royal flush is sometimes classified as a form of a straight flush. It can, however, beat the rest of the straight flushes. In most of the video poker variations, two players cannot make a royal flush simultaneously. Based on research, a royal flash can only appear once in every 40,000 hands when you are using the right video poker betting strategy. It can take a lot of hours for you to play 40,000 hands. The specific odds of being dealt a royal flush vary depending on the poker variant you are playing.