Before you the play online video poker, here is a brief history

Video poker has been in existence since the 1800s. The introduction of this casino game came after Charles Fey invented the popular Liberty Bell Slot machine. A lot of developments through the years have made the Video Poker machine a force to reckon with. By 1990, software developers came up with the best online video poker. This was possible because of the advances in payment and banking systems.

It has taken the hard work of software developers to make it possible for you to play video poker free of charge or for real money. Thanks to the introduction of digital sounds and Microgaming technology, you get the same experience of playing through a computer compared to playing in a land-based casino. Video poker games continue getting better each day, and casinos use different features to entice customers.

Why you should play video poker online

A lot of casino games implement the concept of skill and luck, and video poker is no exception. If you are wondering why gamblers are so passionate about the best online video poker, this is for you. Video poker has a high RTP meaning you can get huge returns from betting with a small amount. While most games include playing against other players, video poker does not. It is a strategic game that offers good odds to gamblers. You also have different options to pick from and remain in control of the game.

Some people find casino games challenging to play and win. That is why the software developers behind video poker variations simplify everything for you so that you can play with ease and have fun choosing cards. You only need to remember a few rules and make decisions on one round. Start practicing as you play free video poker online today and enjoy every move.