Best Video Poker Games in NJ

First, let’s look at the difference between video poker and slots. Slot machines, much as we like them, are designed for luck which is why in most cases, the house always wins. They do not give you the chance to apply any real strategy and so everything is pegged on luck. Or lack of it.

Video poker, on the other hand, puts you to task. You have to think things through and you even get to calculate how much is due to you by looking at the pay table. So, which games do we think are some of the best?

We have many video poker games you can play in New Jersey, with Double Double Regal Poker, Deuces Wild, Jester Poker, Deuces Wild Elite, Jacks or Better, Regal Poker, Double Regal Poker being some of the favorites. They are also rated depending on the player’s efficiency and so you will always have options regardless of the level you are at.

Start Small then Build up

Before you advance to tougher levels, you may want to start small, and just focus on building the best video poker strategy possible. A good foundation comes through consistency and playing free video poker as consistently as possible. You want to play a number of different types then choose one type that you will master. As you build your strategy, you will learn good and dirty tricks that you can apply in the future when you play for real money.

You also want to know your competition. Online, you may be unable to master the names at first, but regular playing will help you know who you are dealing with and also your greatest competition. Over time, you will know your limits. You will know when you stop and when to keep pushing. If today was a bad day, tomorrow presents yet another chance to learn from your present mistakes.