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How to play video poker like a pro

While some people prefer playing games such as slots, others go for video poker games. With practice and discipline, you can play video poker like a pro. Though this game may not offer numerous opportunities like other games like blackjack, it is fun and rewarding.

For you to play to be an expert in this game, you have to start by figuring out which variants are the best for you. Professionals in video poker spend some time trying out different options and looking for new machines that have better opportunities. Apart from playing the popular video poker variations, you can also try out other types for free. Once you have experimented on a few, choose the ones that you liked the best and stick to them so that you can continue perfecting your skills in them over time.

You can also play video poker like a professional by learning the strategy to use at each game. This game makes use of a deck of cards. While most of the variations utilize 52 cards, a few make use of 53 cards. Regardless of the video poker variant you choose, you should find out the best way for you to play each hand you get. The first hand you get is the most crucial since the moves you make at the beginning of the game can determine your ability to create strong hands.

Every variation of video poker comes with a strategy chart that you can print out and use while playing the game. This can guide you on the right way to play each hand. Making use of the right strategy while playing video poker gives you a chance to lower the house edge significantly. When the house edge is low, you increase the chances of winning. As you use a strategy chart every time you play this game, you may find yourself memorizing it just like a pro.

If you prefer playing this game at a land-based site, you should make use of comps. Most of the casinos offer a player’s club, and signing up for this gives you an upper hand. You should ensure that you make use of the player’s club card when playing video poker games. For the poker fans who prefer playing this online video poker, you also have an advantage in that you can make use of the available bonuses that different sites offer. Ensure you confirm the terms that bonuses come with to avoid any frustrations.

When playing video poker for real money, it is also essential to consider the game denomination to avoid running out of cash too early. Ensure that the denomination of the video poker game you want to play is low enough so that you can get a decent amount of time to play. You should be keen on bankroll management for you to enjoy your gameplay.

The video poker variants you should know about

Most people play video poker due to its diversity. You can try out games such as loose deuces wild, triple bonus, pick’em poker, and double bonus poker.

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Why you should play Double Double Regal Casino Poker today

For casino newbies, poker games can seem a bit intimidating. If you are searching for a less complicated game, you should consider Double Double Regal Casino Poker. The smooth gameplay and its stunning graphics are some of the reasons why this game continues to become more popular in casinos. You have the upper hand if you have played double regal poker before since some of the elements are similar in this game. The difference is that this poker game comes with twice the fun compared to the previous format.

Most people choose to play this game on their mobile devices since it is not cluttered. You will find the playing cards well-designed since the software developer focuses more on visibility and not on style. At the start, you will receive five cards facing down. During your gameplay, you can always check your balance, which is displayed on the far left. You also use the option of setting the maximum bet on the menu. Once you learn the basics of this poker game, betting the maximum can help you gain a substantial payout from playing it strategically. On the secondary menu, you also get more options, such as enabling the turbo mode or disabling the audio according to your preference.

Like most of the poker games, Double Double Regal Casino Poker makes use of a 52 card deck. It appeals to a lot of card lovers due to its simplified gameplay. Spin Games, the software company behind this poker game, has also been making other casino games such as video poker and bingo since 2012. This should tell you what you should expect from the poker game.

Above the cards, is a clearly displayed paytable which stretches across the entire screen. Most players of this poker game have no problem with analyzing the paytable since everything is well explained. You will also notice the logo that is positioned on the remaining space. In this game, the lowest paying hand is the jacks or better, which is worth 1, while the straight is worth four credits. When you reach the full house, you can be awarded up to 50 credits

As you play this game, you should look forward to getting the royal flush, which is worth 250 credits. One of the features that make this poker game unique is the inclusion of the game recall button. This can help you check your previous games as well as the starting and finishing balance so that you can monitor your gameplay and make any necessary changes. For you to play, you should make use of the bet per arrows so that you can adjust bets accordingly. This game offers friendly betting limits to accommodate people with different budgets. You will also find its RTP rate quite decent compared to other poker games.

Where can you play such poker games online?

If you are ready to try out Double Double Regal Casino Poker, you should look for casinos that work with Spin Games, such as Betway and Jackpot City.

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Five video poker tips to follow in 2020

If you have been gambling in casinos for a while, you have probably come across video poker. This is a popular game that has existed since the 1970s. Unlike casino games that only rely on luck, having some skills is what can help you win at this game. Most people prefer playing this poker game compared to the rest of the casino games since it is easy to reduce the house edge. You can increase your chances of winning at this poker game by implementing the following tips.

  • Understand the rules

This is a game that comes in different forms, with each variant having particular rules that you should understand. The rules of this are used to govern the hand ranking and determine the payouts. At the beginning of the game, you receive five cards that you can decide to hold on to or discard some. You can win a payout depending on the strength of your hand. Some of the popular variants that you can pick from include Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild.

  • Focus on the pay tables

Paying attention to the pay tables is crucial since it can help you make strong poker hands. You need to ensure that you look for the video poker games that have high payouts. The paytable is also crucial since it can guide you on the right strategy to use at this game.

  • Bet the maximum

As you play this game, it is upon you to decide on the specific amount you want to bet on every poker hand. One of the secrets that can help you earn a big payout when you win is betting the max. If you focus on the paytable, then you can easily find out if betting the max is an ideal strategy to use at a precise video poker game. For instance, if you prefer playing a poker game that contains a progressive jackpot, then betting the max is a great strategy to use. Some of the games also give players a bonus for betting the maximum.

  • Think about every decision you make in this game

In some games, you don’t have to put in a lot of thought. Poker games are, however, different since every decision that you make can influence the outcome of your gameplay. You have to think about the impact of discarding or holding on to some cards. You should not play this game fast since you may end up making the wrong decisions. Using a slow strategy is essential in this game.

  • Practice

Since you get a free play option for you to try poker games, you have enough time for you to practice and learn how to play without risking any real cash. Take advantage of such opportunities to perfect your skill before betting with real money.

Find out why many punters play poker on mobile

Most people find the mobile platform quite convenient. They, therefore, prefer playing video poker on Android and iOS devices since they don’t restrict your movement.

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Top 3 video poker games

Are you looking for the best odds from casino games? You need to stick to video poker games. Most people who choose to play video poker like the fact that the odds of this game are transparent. This is an exciting game that comes in different variants that you can pick from. Some of them are discussed as follows.

  • Jacks or better

Most people start playing video poker by choosing this variant since it has great odds. When you figure out how to play this game, then you should not have a lot of problems trying out the rest of the video poker games. It is a straightforward game that you can learn within a short duration. The game is based on a five-card draw. At the start, you receive five cards, which you can keep or discard depending on the strength of your hand. In this game, the most rewarding hand is the royal flush, while the lowest paying hand is the pair of jacks. You can easily spot high pay tables and learn the right strategy to use easily.

  • Deuces wild

Though this game plays out just like jacks or better, it is different in that the 2s in the deck are wild cards. It means that during your gameplay, the wild cards can stand in for any card you require for you to fill a hand. The lowest paying hand is the 3 of a kind, while the most valuable hand is the royal flush. This game is a bit different from jacks or better since it classifies the royal flush into two, namely the wild royal flush and the natural royal flush.

The paytable of Deuces wild is also structured differently. Most beginners find it hard to pick the right paytable for this game, but things can get better with time. You may, however, identify deuces wild games that have more significant payouts compared to the rest of the video poker games. Some of the deuces wild games even have a payback percentage of up to 100%. You should also learn the distinct strategy of playing this game. Some of the basic rules you should remember as you play deuces wild is not to discard a deuce. Also, avoid holding on to 2 pairs.

  • Bonus poker

If you are familiar with playing jacks or better, then you will find a lot of similarities with this game. Bonus poker is a poker variant that does not feature wild cards. Just like in jacks or better, the hand that pays the least is a pair of jacks or better. Getting a royal flush in bonus poker translates to 800 to 1. This game, however, differs from jacks or better since it offers better payoffs for the 4 of a kind. You should, however, take note that the volatility of this video poker game is higher compared to the rest.

Find out how video poker differs from slots

Though both slots and video poker games are popular in casinos, they have differing aspects. For instance, slots have less strategy compared to video poker.

Video poker winning hands

Every professional gambler that enjoys video poker knows that this game offers high odds of making wins compared to the rest of casino games. Due to this, video poker continues to grow in popularity in both brick and mortar and online sites. For you to enjoy this game, you should start by understanding the rules of video poker.

In this game, the hand rankings are not very different from what you find in regular poker. There are, however, a few differences depending on the specific variant you prefer playing. Knowing the video poker hands rankings is not, however, enough for you to make consistent wins. Video poker winning hands are ranked in the following order.

  • Straight Flush
  • Royal flush
  • Flush
  • Four of a kind
  • Full house
  • Four of a kind
  • Two pair
  • Three of a kind
  • Jacks or better

Expounding on the video poker hands

Being able to analyze each hand correctly can help you gain more from playing video poker. For instance, when you get a jack, King, Queen, Ace, or Ten, you can form a Royal Flush. This is considered as the best hand in video poker. Though getting a royal flush is not always easy, you can win big if you are lucky enough.

If your chances of getting the royal flush are low, you should try to form a straight flush since it is also considered as one of the most rewarding hands. The straight flush comprises of five cards of a similar suit. Apart from such hands, you can also try to form at least four cards of the same value. This is called a four of a kind. While playing video poker, it is also possible for you to form five cards of the same suit without following a precise order.

Here is a brief introduction to video poker

10 facts about video poker that you should know including the video poker strategy

Most of the casinos offer video poker variants. If you want to play video poker, then you need to understand all the facts about this game. Here are some of them.

  • The paytables sometimes confuse players

Video poker variants have numerous pay tables that confuse inexperienced players. If you choose a video poker machine that has a poor paytable, then you give the house a chance to make more money.

  • The comps are crucial

Like most of the games, video poker has an in-house edge that enables the casino to make profits. The site returns a percentage of the profit to video poker players who take advantage of the comps.

  • Make use of the video poker strategy

Implementing the strategy can help you lower the house edge as you play this game. The strategy charts available can help you figure out how to play video poker variants.

  • You may not get bonuses for video poker

Though sites offer bonuses to players, some allow you to use the rewards on particular games. Ensure you confirm that the desired site allows you to use the bonuses on video poker games before signing up.

  • Some video poker games are hard to find

The games that have the potential of paying out up to 100% are not easy to find.

  • You can play video poker for free

Though land-based sites don’t offer free play options for games, you can engage in free video poker by choosing an online site.

  • Tournaments in video poker are great

This can help you figure out how much your play will costs even before you begin.

  • Playing fast can make you lose

Playing video poker using a slow strategy can help you conserve your bankroll.

  • Bet the maximum amount

This can help you get the built-in bonus for you to gain more at the end of your gameplay.

  • Look for games that feature progressive jackpots

Some of the video poker variants have progressive jackpot opportunities that can lead to high payouts.

Online Video Poker 2020 Guide – Handy Hints & Tips

Have you been playing video poker but have problems with making consistent wins? You are not alone. This is a common problem that most video poker players face. You can, however, boost your gameplay by getting familiar with useful video poker tips. Implementing the right online video poker tips can help you beat the machine and boost your skills in the game. Here are some of the tips that you should pay attention to.

  • Understand the rules of each video poker variant

One of the things that attract a lot of players to this game is its simple learning curve. Though the game has different variations, all of them are based on the 5-card draw poker. It is, however, wrong to assume that every poker variant is played in the same way. Ensure you go through the rules of each variant so that you can make the right decisions.

  • Pick the right paytable

Most experts also recommend practical video poker tips, such as choosing a good paytable. You can check the expected return of a video poker game before you start playing. You should, therefore, do extensive research before you start playing so that you can identify good pay tables.

  • Play video poker from an online platform

The good thing with playing this game online is that you set your own pace and play without the pressure from other gamers. It is, therefore, more exciting than playing for brick and mortar sites due to a few distractions.

  • Be part of a player’s club

If you go through the top video poker tips available online, you will see some people discouraging fans from joining player’s clubs. Though player’s clubs have a negative side, they can help you earn some special bonuses that are only available to regular players.

  • Practice

We cannot finish our list of the best video poker tips without emphasizing on the importance of practicing.  You can only perfect your skills if you are willing to learn from strategy charts and cheat sheets. More knowledge in the game can translate to higher winning opportunities.

Top 5 Mobile Video Poker Games

Would you like to try out video poker from a better platform? While some people like the hype that land-based sites offer, others love playing games such as video poker in a peaceful and quiet environment. If you are the second kind of player, you can play video poker online. Technology has gone the extra mile to make the game accessible through mobile platforms. This makes it possible for people who travel a lot or value their privacy during gambling to play more conveniently. Mobile video poker games can, therefore, be accessed from different devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Most of the casinos do not request that you download any software for you to enjoy popular mobile video poker games. Players get the chance to play such games directly from the browser or through an app. You should expect to receive bonuses as you engage in mobile video poker game variations. Here are some of the best mobile video poker games you can try.

  • Jacks or better

This is an exciting video poker variation that allows you to play as much as ten hands simultaneously. For you to get a payout from this game, you should have a hand with a pair of queens, jacks, aces or kings.

  • Aces and Faces

Most of the mobile casinos offer at least two versions of this game. The gameplay is not very different from Jack’s or better.

  • Deuces wild

If you have not tried this game, then you are missing out since it is known to be the most exciting mobile video poker game variants available. It is different since the game has the possibility of replacing any of the cards by a deuce.

  • Bonus poker

Playing this game from your mobile device is quite fun since it provides generous payouts. You get the chance to play it for free as you learn the basic strategy before engaging in real money wagering.

  • Joker poker

This game gives you better opportunities to form a winning hand since here; the joker acts as a wild card. You can play such top mobile video poker games from your smartphone.

How to play video poker free online

Playing this game free of charge is the best decision you can make when you are new to it. The game involves the use of a 52 card deck. For you to start playing this game for free, you need to place a bet before pressing the deal button. Your ideal site allows you to use virtual money for you to bet. The video poker machine will give you a total of five cards chosen randomly. You can now start picking the cards you would like to hold on to and those you wish to discard. After selecting, click on the draw button for the machine to replace the cards that you drop. If you get a poker hand like a straight, flush or royal flush, you win the game.

Enjoy playing free slots from Prime Slots today

One of the leading online sites that many players talk about is Prime Slots. This offers a wide range of entertaining slots games that you can play for free. Prime Slots accommodates different levels of experience. It is equipped with all your favorite classic, video, and 3D slots that will keep you busy during your free time. Prime Slots works hard to give you the latest released slot machines free of charge!

The best casinos offer players surprises

Everybody loves gifts, and online casinos understand this. They, therefore, come up with free slots with bonuses to maintain the loyalty of their players. Once you spin a particular combination of symbols, you unlock a bonus game. If you want to get a lot of bonus rounds, then you need to play 3D slots from the best site. Though most of the bonus games are about luck, you may need to implement specific skills for you to unlock some.

Be on the lookout for progressive jackpot opportunities as you play video poker online

Most of the casinos in NJ that offer video poker online entice players by offering progressive jackpots for different variants. This can help you gain a considerable amount even if you place a small bet in a video poker machine. One of the variants known to come with this opportunity is Jacks or Better. Though there is no guarantee of making a considerable amount from this game, using the best strategy increases your chances. Though progressive jackpot video poker games are quite attractive, they often have terrible paytables. Ensure that you only play a progressive jackpot on a video poker machine that has relatively good paytables.

Why you should play video poker from Sugarhouse online casino

Choosing this casino can help you enjoy your gameplay. The site offers numerous bonuses that are attached to reasonable play-through requirements. You can also start playing video poker without the need to download the software. The casino allows you to play from the browser as long as you are within New Jersey. You can also enjoy the game from a mobile device since it offers a mobile app to accommodate such users. The first time you sign up to Sugarhouse Casino, you are welcomed with free credits to start playing video poker without investing your cash in the game.

Discover the top 5 NJ casinos that offer video poker games

Though video poker is a game of diverse choices, choosing the wrong site can make you detest it. If you are in NJ, you can boost your gaming experience and raise your earning potential by choosing the legitimate sites. Such sites offer not only numerous video poker variants but also high odds for the games. You should, therefore, consider playing video poker online from:

    • Caesars casino
    • Betfair online
    • Golden Nugget
    • 888 casino
    • Ocean online casino