Kings or Better, remarkable game for video poker industry

Kings or Better is a common and complex variant of Jacks or Better or 9/6 video poker. It starts out like most other video poker machines. At the start of the game, you’ll be able to choose the denomination of coins you’d like to play with, as well as how many coins you want to play for (up to five is possible). The game allows you to choose how many plans you want to play simultaneously.

Hit the deal button and win

If you have chosen your betting options, hit the deal button. You will be dealt a hand of five cards from a deck of 53 – a standard deck of playing cards, along with one single joker. As the name of the game suggests, the aim is to make a hand of at least a pair of kings in order to win.

But you won’t have to do that with just your initial five cards. After viewing your initial hand, you’ll have the option of holding or discarding each card. The game itself will default to holding any cards that contribute to an already winning hand; for strategic reasons, you may well want to hold or discard any number of different combinations.

Once you’re confident about how many of your cards you want to hold, it’s time to hit the deal button one last time. Your discarded cards will be replaced with new ones from the remaining deck, and you will then see your final hand. You will receive a payout based on the strength of your holdings, with bigger hands earning larger rewards.

Kings or Better is a simple version of the most common video poker format. Kings or Better is more usually a game found at online casinos, so give it a try and let it surprise you with unexpected winnings.