Play video Poker for Free

Ask anyone who knows anything on gambling and they will tell you that the house always wins. Well, that is true in all scenarios except one: poker. The odds are usually in favor of players and especially when you know how to play the game. Naturally, you have to start at the beginning, learning the best video poker strategy so as to build your skills and start playing for real money.

Take 5-card poker, for instance. This easy-to-understand game has great returns for players – up to 99.2% return rate. But to win, you will have to be fast on your feet, applying all the math tricks you know and sticking with a winning strategy. You will certainly need to play video poker online so that you can develop a strategy and where possible, watch to learn from experts.

Tips for Winning in Poker

You want to hang on to a winning combination when you have it, and not even attempt to break it for something better. A Straight or a Flush is not to be broken unless one of these cards gives you the chance for a Royal Flush. Also, only break a High Pair for Four to a Royal Flush/Straight Flush. You also never want to break a Four of a Kind, Three of a Kind, or a Full House. You only discard the worthless cards as they get you nothing worthy. These tips may sound confusing at the beginning, but they become easier as you play free video poker consistently.

To play online poker in New Jersey, you will need to register your details with any licensed casino. You will only be allowed to do this if you are at least 21 years old and registering within the borders of the State. Did you know you can play online poker on your smartphone?