The top 3 video poker games you should not overlook

Many people choose video poker over other games due to its low house edge and satisfactory prizes. If this is your game of choice, you need to know the different variants you can try. Though video poker games can be quite extensive, we will only discuss some of the most popular games. They include:

  • Deuces Wild

This involves a pack of 52 cards and has simplified gameplay. In this game, you have to decide the most valuable cards to hold on to and which ones you need to throw away. The strength of a hand determines if you win or lose the game. Unlike Jacks or Better, Deuces wild involves wild cards. It helps you form stronger hands since deuces can substitute other cards required for a hand.

  • Bonus Poker

Though this variant borrows some aspects from Jacks or better, it has minimal differences when it comes to its gameplay. Unlike Deuces wild, bonus poker does not involve the use of wild cards. Though this game has a high payout percentage, you should beware of its high volatility.

  • Double bonus poker

If you want an edge over the house, you need to choose this video poker game. Even though this game has a payback percentage of about 100%, you may not be able to find it in some sites. It, however, has impressive video poker odds.

Which video poker has best odds?

Unlike slot machines, video poker games come with a high level of transparency. Even though the developers of these games do not include flashing lights and stunning graphics, they focus on help players make profits. You can maximize your gameplay by choosing a variant with high odds. Jacks or better is known to offer some of the highest odds.