clock on poker table

How Does Timing Influence Online Poker

When entering an online video poker you have to take into consideration all the factor that might interfere with your game.

Timing Tells

One of the key factors in identifying them is time. Timing Tells. Reaction rate indices. The best rules will mask the reaction speed of the game by consuming as much time for thinking and making light and difficult decisions as for bluffs and value betting. But recreation will always use different time intervals of thinking, lower in hands where they do not have a harder and bigger decision at the hands where they have to decide something important.

Raising of Folding too Fast

For example, let’s think of a very fast call on the flop. When someone does this, it tells us that he never thought about raising or folding. This tells us that the opponent has a mediocre hand, like a weak pair or a draw. Based on this, we can apply more pressure on the subsequent streets to remove the opponent from the pot. We also have to take into consideration that he can bluff, so consider analysing more aspects.

Even if online poker keeps us away from our physical opponents, playing on the PC or tablet does not spare them to reveal some behaviuoral tendencies. These give us an idea of ​​the types of players and the power of their hands. Practice video poker and you’ll figure everything out yourself. Find the most suitable platform for you and use any information you have to win.