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Tips on Getting to Know your Video Poker Opponent

When entering an online poker game, you have to be aware of your opponents! Being behind a screen makes it much harder, but not impossible. Here are some tips that might help you in characterizing your opponents.

Tips 1: The number of tables

Most poker rooms allow us to look for a player by name. If our opponent only plays a table or two, there are chances that he is an amateur. But if we find him playing at 10 tables (or, say, 3-4 fast-fold poker), then it’s just a regular grinder or a quality professional. If he chooses not to be able to look for the profile (which many rooms allow), then again there are chances that the opponent will be a decent regular. The “Search a Player” option does not give us spectacular hints every time, but it’s an important point to check when we sit down at the table and know nothing about opponents.

Tips 2: Posting the blind without position when entering an online poker game

Regulars do not pay any cent. When they come to the table, they wait well to reach the blinds to pay them. But the amateurs came in to play, have no patience and post the blind as soon as they entered the table to get into action as soon as possible.

It’s like paying your taxes twice voluntarily. No one who takes the game seriously will choose to do that. As soon as you see someone doing that, mark him as a good player to beat

Tips 3: Chats in chat

Online poker chat is often disturbing because it distracts us from playing and can even make us the target of uncivilized comments. However, it is not unnecessary to have it under our eyes, as it can sometimes provide us with valuable information. Most regulars will not write in chat because they have disabled it. Recreationalists will use it for socializing – either to talk differently or to complain about their misfortune or to apostrophe other players for their stupid play.

Keep in mind these tips, but always make sure you also trust your instincs. Sometimes, an action of your opponent can also be a bluff.