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Top 3 video poker games

Are you looking for the best odds from casino games? You need to stick to video poker games. Most people who choose to play video poker like the fact that the odds of this game are transparent. This is an exciting game that comes in different variants that you can pick from. Some of them are discussed as follows.

  • Jacks or better

Most people start playing video poker by choosing this variant since it has great odds. When you figure out how to play this game, then you should not have a lot of problems trying out the rest of the video poker games. It is a straightforward game that you can learn within a short duration. The game is based on a five-card draw. At the start, you receive five cards, which you can keep or discard depending on the strength of your hand. In this game, the most rewarding hand is the royal flush, while the lowest paying hand is the pair of jacks. You can easily spot high pay tables and learn the right strategy to use easily.

  • Deuces wild

Though this game plays out just like jacks or better, it is different in that the 2s in the deck are wild cards. It means that during your gameplay, the wild cards can stand in for any card you require for you to fill a hand. The lowest paying hand is the 3 of a kind, while the most valuable hand is the royal flush. This game is a bit different from jacks or better since it classifies the royal flush into two, namely the wild royal flush and the natural royal flush.

The paytable of Deuces wild is also structured differently. Most beginners find it hard to pick the right paytable for this game, but things can get better with time. You may, however, identify deuces wild games that have more significant payouts compared to the rest of the video poker games. Some of the deuces wild games even have a payback percentage of up to 100%. You should also learn the distinct strategy of playing this game. Some of the basic rules you should remember as you play deuces wild is not to discard a deuce. Also, avoid holding on to 2 pairs.

  • Bonus poker

If you are familiar with playing jacks or better, then you will find a lot of similarities with this game. Bonus poker is a poker variant that does not feature wild cards. Just like in jacks or better, the hand that pays the least is a pair of jacks or better. Getting a royal flush in bonus poker translates to 800 to 1. This game, however, differs from jacks or better since it offers better payoffs for the 4 of a kind. You should, however, take note that the volatility of this video poker game is higher compared to the rest.

Find out how video poker differs from slots

Though both slots and video poker games are popular in casinos, they have differing aspects. For instance, slots have less strategy compared to video poker.