Video poker – a few important steps for online video poker

All video poker games work similarly. You need to put money in the machine if you play in a casino or load money into your account if you play video poker online or on a mobile device.Then, you can choose how much to bet and how many coins to bet per hand.

After you press the deal or play button, you’ll receive a poker hand. Most video poker games are based on five-card draw and once you learn about the games based on five-card draw you can try your luck with other video poker games.

Bet all you have!

Our advice for you is to bet the maximum amount of coins when you play video poker. If you bet maximum coins, most games pay a bonus on the top payout. When you hit the best hand, you’ll receive this bonus in order to keep the house edge as low as possible.

In most video poker games, the maximum bet is five coins. This means that if you’re playing a quarter game the maximum bet is $1.25. If you’re playing a $1 machine the maximum bet is $5.

Make a strategy

Once you become a little bit experienced in video poker on these machines, you can start looking for other games with a low house edge and determine which ones you like to play. You should never play any video poker game if you don’t have a good strategy in place.

Practice on free video poker

Until you get to play in a real casino, practice for free on an online platform. If you play online, you can try numerous video poker games for free.

Time to play for real!

After you practice for free and make your own strategy, you can make a deposit and start playing online or mobile video poker for real money. It’s the same thing as playing for free, but instead of using virtual coins, you play for real money.

Make sure you study the terms and conditions before betting your own money and before accepting a bonus, so that you can make sure the bonus allows you to spend it on video poker games.

 And don’t forget to become a member!

You should always get a membership card! Sign up for the players’ club and make sure you insert your card in the video poker machine before you start playing.

The comps will come immediately after you start playing, as well as free meals, hotel rooms or entry into free events and tournaments with your play. Don’t you ever think to ignore comps when you play video poker.

Go on and enjoy many hours of video poker!