Video Poker “Jacks or Better”

If you only play free video poker games in your free time or when you go on vacation, then you could use some tips from pros. Video poker games are games of skill and a little luck, and so you will need to get those tips straight if you are to get ahead of the rest any time soon.

Here are the rules.

Before you play, you have to understand the hands. Any card is either a High or Low hand. We call it a High hand when a card is Jack or higher and it is Low when a card is of lower value that the Jack. Cards running from 2 to 10 are Low while Ace, King, Queen, and Jack are Highs. A Flush is a set of 5 cards that are of the same suit while Full House has three sets of a kind – say you could have three sets of 7s and a pair of Kings. Now that is Full House and it should not be broken.

More Video Poker Tricks in NJ

When you have a sequence of 5 cards all of similar suit, then we call it a Straight Flush while four cards of the same suit are called Four of a Kind. When you have 5 cards of similar sequence starting with 10 and ending with Ace, you will be said to have a Royal Flush, while if you hold four of the cards that form a Royal Flush, then you have a Four to a Royal Flush. In this circumstance, you will need an Ace to fill this set.

Play Free Video Poker Games

You can play video poker games online without paying a dime if you register with a casino in New Jersey. The main rule to remember is that a Full House is never broken for anything.