The difference between video poker and slot machines

video poker vs slot machines

First, you gotta keep in mind that slot machines are designed for luck, while video poker takes real skill to handle. Unlike usual slot machines, in video poker you can always calculate the payback percentage by taking a look at the information disposed on the pay table.

The outcome of the game is influenced by your decisions, while normal slots won’t offer you the option to make choices.

Although video poker machines look  nearly the same as usual slot machines, we can spot a number of crucial differences. In video poker you can calculate which is the most profitable machine and pick the right one.

Also, you can decide the amount of credits invested for the play and choose which cards to hold. The great part about video poker is that you can reach 100% level of profitability while usual slots won’t let you reach such a rate of return.

Long story short: video poker is designed for the ones that would choose lower but much more consistent wins. It’s all about strategy and working with numbers. On the other side, slots are considered right for people who just want to have fun and go for lucky high jackpots.