3 interesting facts about Video Poker

Even though it seems like we’re all familiar with video poker, there might still be some things that we don’t know yet. These facts will help you get to know the game better and develop higher chances of winning.

Video poker is strategy

Video poker means strategy and is all about decision making. You have to make te right move at the right time. It all starts when you get to choose the video poker machine that will bring the highest return percentage.

It works better when you’re good with maths

This is not a must, but you will surely be better and have higher chances if you know how to work with numbers. It helps you understand the key matters of the game. Also, maths counts when you have to calculate the most advantageous video poker machines.

You lose more with slot machines

Most of the times, video poker is much more advantageous when it comes to the payback percentage. Imagine that, in general, slot machines pay out less than 95%, while video poker can reach even higher payouts than 95%.