Video Strip Poker

If you want to entice player, just tell them that they stand a stripping match from girls from all over the world. Depending on the game’s outcome, you stand the chance to get a stripping party from girls from Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, Middle and Far East. The game, streamed on HD screens, has popularized poker and made players want to improve their skills with their eyes on the prize.

Play and Shed

The rules of the game are simple: just lay the regular poker but have the losing opponent shed their clothing. To play, you will need to be connected to some screen – projector, laptop, PC, or any other that will give you the best view. The players are from all parts of the world to meet the various standards of beauty set. The fun in strip poker video is that it feels more like a thrill than a competition.

Features and Perks of the Game

You get to test the gear before you commit, and so a periodic trial is available to all players. Within the trial period, you get to choose the girls (or boys) you want to see strip and even download their photos after that. Once the trial period ends, you will have to register and pay a certain amount as directed by the provider of the service. So, basically, you will play free video strip poker for the while the free trial lasts.

Requirements for Online Video Strip Poker

They are few and yet quite solid. To play in NJ, you will have to be at least 21 years old and also register with a licensed casino. The tips and rules of the game are the same as those for regular poker and so you will get them clearly if you are keen. You have a wide selection of models – in all shapes amd sizes – and also, you can move from one to the next effortlessly.