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Why you should play Double Double Regal Casino Poker today

For casino newbies, poker games can seem a bit intimidating. If you are searching for a less complicated game, you should consider Double Double Regal Casino Poker. The smooth gameplay and its stunning graphics are some of the reasons why this game continues to become more popular in casinos. You have the upper hand if you have played double regal poker before since some of the elements are similar in this game. The difference is that this poker game comes with twice the fun compared to the previous format.

Most people choose to play this game on their mobile devices since it is not cluttered. You will find the playing cards well-designed since the software developer focuses more on visibility and not on style. At the start, you will receive five cards facing down. During your gameplay, you can always check your balance, which is displayed on the far left. You also use the option of setting the maximum bet on the menu. Once you learn the basics of this poker game, betting the maximum can help you gain a substantial payout from playing it strategically. On the secondary menu, you also get more options, such as enabling the turbo mode or disabling the audio according to your preference.

Like most of the poker games, Double Double Regal Casino Poker makes use of a 52 card deck. It appeals to a lot of card lovers due to its simplified gameplay. Spin Games, the software company behind this poker game, has also been making other casino games such as video poker and bingo since 2012. This should tell you what you should expect from the poker game.

Above the cards, is a clearly displayed paytable which stretches across the entire screen. Most players of this poker game have no problem with analyzing the paytable since everything is well explained. You will also notice the logo that is positioned on the remaining space. In this game, the lowest paying hand is the jacks or better, which is worth 1, while the straight is worth four credits. When you reach the full house, you can be awarded up to 50 credits

As you play this game, you should look forward to getting the royal flush, which is worth 250 credits. One of the features that make this poker game unique is the inclusion of the game recall button. This can help you check your previous games as well as the starting and finishing balance so that you can monitor your gameplay and make any necessary changes. For you to play, you should make use of the bet per arrows so that you can adjust bets accordingly. This game offers friendly betting limits to accommodate people with different budgets. You will also find its RTP rate quite decent compared to other poker games.

Where can you play such poker games online?

If you are ready to try out Double Double Regal Casino Poker, you should look for casinos that work with Spin Games, such as Betway and Jackpot City.